Consultation for Second Opinion

It is often very difficult to shift through all the noise to make an educated decision about your hearing health.

Through our Second Opinion program Neufeld Hearing Healthcare offers you an option to consult with a Doctor of Audiology about your hearing loss and any recommendations you have been given in a pressure free environment. We will provide you an unbiased opinion on what you should do to improve your ability to hear. 

The initial Second Opinion appointment typically lasts about 45 minutes and is offered over the phone for patients that live out of town or state. You will be asked to email all relevant testing results ahead of the appointment so Dr. Neufeld can be as prepared as possible to help you. The consultation is not covered by insurance and you will be responsible for the cost of the appointment at the consultation.

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There is no guarantee that the second opinion will be different than the first, but seeking out a second opinion can give you confidence in your decision knowing that you have good information in which to move forward with any decision you do make. 

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